The Music Room or The Learning Room was a room founded by Jordan Tute.

Music Room


1774 - 1925

2008-2010 (Re-opened by Tirelat)

2010-present (Re-opened by Gillian)

Created by

Jordan Tute

Mii vists

Over 6 billion



Jordan TuteEdit

Jordan Tute has a picture in the Music Room. Rumors are Jordan Tute is a ghost when Andrew or J.J Lock it up. But if a Mii is left in the room. Jordan would come to haunt the Mii.

Alex TuteEdit

Alex Tute is a ghost in the Music Room with Jordan.

Bernard TuteEdit

He was Sheabation's dad.


On 11 August 2010, Gillian re-opened the Music Room. The key was giving by J.J

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