LexBurg Mii House
[[Lexburg logo 2011 - present|250px]]


£90.99 (2009 - 2011)

£150,00 (2011 - present)


Andrew (2009 - present)




George McMii

A very warm welcome to Lexburg's Mii House. Also the biggest hotel in Lexburg and Nintendo City.


In 1865, George McMii started his own hotel, only a few people lived in it. It was next to a old church and Miis could not get to sleep. A child died by falling out of a window. That was George's fault. In 1895 he knocked it down, He found a town called Lexburg but there was a church but he planned it would be outside Lexburg. Over 1,000 Miis got to sleep well. When McMii died, he gave the king to Harresh Rodderty.


Guest RoomEdit

Guest Room's have planned to get created in 2011. It will have incoulded

  • TV
  • Beds
  • Balconey
  • Garden Centre
  • Fish Bowl

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