Hire A Car - Lexburg Airport
Placeholder location
Vital statistics
Type Car Park Hire
Level 1
Location Lexburg Airport, Lexburg
Inhabitants None
Lexburg's Airport - Hire A Car is a car park in 991 Valman Drive.

Car Park AEdit

Car Park A
Car Park A is the smallest car park in the whole centre.
  • Spaces: 107
  • Car Park Ticket Centres: 5

Car Park BEdit

Car Park B
Car Park B is the second biggest car park place
  • Spaces: 437
  • CPTC: 7

Car Park CEdit

Car Park C
Car Park C is the third biggest car park place
  • Spaces: 295
  • CPTC: 5

Cark Park DEdit

Car Park D
Car Park D is the fourth biggest car park place
  • Spaces: 328
  • CPTC: 7

Car Park EEdit

Car Park E

Car Park E is the fifth largest car park area

  • Spaces: 376
  • CPTC: 6

Car Park FEdit

Car park names and signs
Car Park F is the largest car park area with 532 spaces.
  • Spaces: 532
  • CPTC: 10

Car Park CompaniesEdit

  • Hertz
  • Europecar
  • AVIS
  • Charles Darwin

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